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Yi Er San Wu Ling is a Furniture collections inspired by the Chinese Traditional Stool’s typologies. Created as celebration of the ubiquitous chinese stools, seen throughout the centuries in many variations. The range consists in four different shapes named from one to five, Yi, Er, San, Wu, omitting four, the inauspicious number according to the Chinese Culture.  Ling, which means zero, stands for the very essential shape of the small table. The ancient typology is updated by a more contemporary taste in terms of finishing, based on the contrast between the very refined laquered wood top, and the raw steel of the base. Yi, Er, San, Wu, Ling  could be employed in different ways, as seats or small tables, singularly or all together. The collection includes two bigger tables, that widen up the potential employment of the collection.

一 二 三 五 零 |Yi|Er|San|Wu|Ling  Stools & Tables Collection has been exhibited during Beijing Design Week  2013 at Cha Er Hutong 23| Dashilar| Beijing | 茶儿胡同 23 |大栅栏 | 北京

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