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CON.TRADITION draws its inspiration from Chinese tradition. The concept is based on the apparent contradiction between the essence of contemporary style (CON.temporary), and the richness of the ancient Chinese tradition (.TRADITION). The roughness of the steel is enriched with finishes, and the richness of the archetype becomes essential in a design made up of lines. Construction materials, contemporary language and archetypal shapes, become one thing in the minimalism of CON.TRADITION lines. 


CON.TRADITION Lanterns are available in black, white and silver, for ceiling and table, in 4  sizes:  XS 00x00x00 | S 35x35x58 | M 60x60x60 | L 80x80x45. 

For catalogue, price and distribution enquiries contact OPINIONCIATTI Via di Prato 80  | 50041 Calenzano FI | Italy | +39.055.887091 | Fax: +39.055.88709237 | email: info@opinionciatti@com

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