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Fragments is a kaleidoscopic collection of sounds and images, collected and assembled together in the attempt of catching a glance, an impression of the multifaceted contemporary Chinese society.

China is a complex and a contradictory reality. Try to describe it and to include it into one single picture, is not possible and yet reductive. Chinese’s nature and essence is  tremendously faceted and diverse. Any time that you believe you achieved a concluded vision of it, something new promptly appears to fragment your assurances and to show you how limited your vision was. Fragments’ vision of China is composed by a collection of little pieces of images and sounds that emerge to compose a unique and multifaceted reality.

During our action of searching and collecting, we have been driven by the strength of the chinese opposite and contradictory realities. Architectural and social opposites like: low rise traditional housing, together with contemporary and modern high rise office buildings, or iconic and popular symbols like: brand new pop heroes together with the cultural revolution iconography, among others. All the images collected are filtered by faces’ sequences. Faces of common people, leading character of the Chinese boom, characters aware and sometimes unaware of their own changes, themselves symbol of the growing city's density.


 Fragments is an installation conceived and designed by MICROmacro for Fuorisalone Sarpi Bridge. Fragments Design team is made of Sara Bernardi and Andrea D’Antrassi, Architects, Yiyang Tian Graphic Designer, Roberto Pugliese Sound and Media Artist.

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