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CON-TRADITION is a design research inspired by the Chinese Heritage. The Concept is based on the apparent CONTRADICTION between the Essentiality of the Contemporary Style [CON-temporary], and the Preciousness of the Chinese Antique Style [-TRADITION]. Starting from the observation of some archetypes of the chinese furniture tradition, the lantern, the folding screen, the altar table for the calligraphy, and the tea table, CON-TRADITION Collection aims to establish a new relation between the Chinese Tradition and Contemporary Design Style. The exchange reaction between two opposite identities is underlined by the research on the materials employed: CON-TRADITION collection brings into the product design field, materials that are belonging to Construction, like Concrete and Steel reinforced Bar. The Roughness and the Strength of Construction materials are mixed and forced to a reaction with the Elegance of the Antique Chinese Style Inspiration. Concrete and steel since the beginning of their employment in the construction field, have been embodying the symbol of urbanisation, and to a higher extent a metaphor of modernity. their nature is in strong contradiction with the concept of heritage and for that reason they can establish a new meaningful dialogue with the Tradition.

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