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Chinese Plot(s) is a collection of chandeliers inspired by the chinese traditional phoenix and peony fabric pattern, seen throughout each and every Beijing's alley in many different applications, from clothing to upholstery. The chinese traditional peony and phoenix pattern is originating from the north of the country. The pattern is symbolizing wealth and good fortune. In old times the red print version was used for wedding decorations and New Year celebrations. The lamp frames are drawn as a steel warp for the chinese fabric weft. The fabric traditional style is opposed and matched to a more contemporary shapes. From this combination comes the name Chinese Plot(s) to underline the concept  of "weaving a very traditional motif with a contemporary design piece. Chinese Plot(s) collection in four shape's variation and different colors. The collection has been developed on the occasion of Oriental Design Week & Operae Independent Design Festival, Turin 2014 where we have been invited to represent our design approach which draws inspiration from opposite realities like Chinese Heritage and Italian background mixing east and west aesthetics. In the gallery above pictures taken in the Beijing Hutongs, old city alleys, where the peony and phoenix pattern is applied to many everyday's object and funitures, such as armchairs, curtain, talisman and stationery.

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